2 Things to Remember When Things Don't Go to Plan, Live Well

2 Things to Remember When Things Don’t Go to Plan


All That Glitters….

When I was around 6 years old, I remember that I had this big pink plastic suitcase. It was filled with cute, shiny, stickers of all kinds. Hello Kitty stickers, Star stickers, Panda stickers, Smiley stickers, Disney Princess stickers… I used to play with it every night, just sticking these stickers into my sticker notebook. I used to craft in my mind stories of how the characters would play with one another. Sometimes, I just like looking at the stickers and how glittery and sparkly they were.

One day, my mom had taken me along with her shopping. At the department store, a collection of stickers that were hanging caught my eye. It was all pink, and sparkly, and if my memory doesn’t fail me, I think it was a pack of Hello Kitty stickers. So, immediately, I grabbed the pack of stickers and ran to my mom and asked her with big pleading eyes, ‘Mom, mom! Look, can I get them???’

‘Aww, these are nice. But I just bought you a pack of stickers a couple of weeks ago.’

I remembered to the pack of stickers that she had just bought me from a trip of Singapore.  There was maybe 3 or 4 sheets left of stickers and it was inside my pink suitcase.

‘But these are so nice, look it’s so glittery. Can I please please please have them?’

‘No. Play with the stickers that I just bought you and when you’re finished with them, then I can get you new ones.’

I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. I had wanted the stickers so badly that I began crying and thumping my foot on the ground when she said I couldn’t have the stickers.

My mom tried consoling me. ‘We’re in a public place here, don’t make a scene.’ I cried louder.

I thought that if I made enough of a scene and showed how much I wanted the stickers, my  mom would finally buy them for me. After much tears shed and gaining stares from the people working at the department store, my mom still refused to get me the stickers.

She ended up not getting me any stickers for months after that incident.


2 things to remember when we don’t get what we want

Last week, I wrote a post on 3 steps to manifesting your desires. The first step to manifesting your desires was to ask clearly to the Universe on what you do want. But what happens when we don’t actually get what we want?

I’m reminded of that sticker incident this week when my job applications were becoming unfruitful. What might seem sparkly to us at the time- our dream job, that relationship, the ‘perfect’ body, a bag, anything it is that we want- might not be the best thing for us.

When we ask the Universe for something, the Universe answers in 2 ways: ‘Yes, but not now’ or ‘No, this is not good for you’

When we don’t get what we want, it’s because the Universe has something greater in store for us.

I hope that you’ll remember these 2 things below when you feel disappointed and feel that the Universe is not giving you your desires.

1. Patience is the purpose

When we’re working towards something for a long time, and it’s not coming to fruition, it can be frustrating. I was meditating on this thought and what kept coming up was, ‘Patience is the purpose.’ 

When we declare our desires to the Universe, we have to trust that it will deliver it to us at the right time. What we often forget is that our journey involves other people. Sometimes, I like to think of ourselves as being a piece of a puzzle. All of the other people are pieces of the puzzle too. They need to find their ‘right place’, so that it can fit with ours. Other people have their own journey of growth, along with us learning in our own journey. It’s like going to school, we need to go through and learn the lessons we get in ‘middle school’ before we can get to ‘high school.’ We sometimes need to go through certain experiences, before we can ‘graduate’ and get to the place we want to be. Again, it will happen, when the timing is right.  Not only when it is right for us, but when the timing is right for everyone involved.

Along with being patient, our happiness shouldn’t be dependent on getting what we want. Whenever we want something, we have the temptation to want it immediately. We have been accustomed to delay our gratification; in thinking that whenever we have the thing we want, we’ll finally be happy. But our happiness shouldn’t be dependent on us getting whatever we want. We can choose to be happy, even when things don’t go our way.

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2. ‘It’s this or something better.’

Shannon Kaiser, one of my favorite bloggers and joy guru said that when a door closes on us, it’s a blessing in disguise. She says that if she doesn’t get what she wants, she keeps the faith and says, ‘It’s this, or something better.’

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This is a hard lesson for me to learn, it still is. Even as a little girl, when I was fixated on getting those sparkly stickers, I really believed that getting those stickers was the best thing for me. But it wasn’t. The gift of not getting those sparkly stickers was that I learned to appreciate and take care of the stickers I already had. I ended up decorating my pink suitcase with the stickers, and making more fun projects out of the stickers I already had. The lesson was for me to appreciate and make use of what I already had.

Throwback to 4 years ago, When I was bummed out that i didn’t get into my first choice university and ended up going to Edinburgh- it turned out to be the best thing ever! The city was the right fit- not too big, not too small, but so so steeped in history and beautiful. I learned so much in my time at university here which led me to making this blog, that I wouldn’t have traded it for the world!

I bet that you have had similar experiences. When you look back in your life, when you didn’t get the things you initially wanted, the Universe ended up giving you what was best for you, for your own learning journey. What experiences have you had when you didn’t get what you wanted, and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise? Share with me in the comments below, I would love to know!

Keep the faith guys. Notice the blessings. What might seem like a closed door could be an opening to journey that’s far better than you can imagine.

I hope today’s message have served you!


Much love,



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    I love your optimism filled with wisdom!
    Reading your posts is helping me a lot to deal with the anxiety of submitting university applications and considering all the different scenarios that are possible 😉

    • I’m glad it’s helping you 🙂 Trust that where you’ll be accepted is the university that you’re meant to go to and learn most from (both in terms of personal growth and education) All the best with your applications!!

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