Month: September 2015


8 things you can do that will definitely lift your mood!

I had a scary dream the other day. It’s rare that I get nightmares, but this dream did it for me and made me wake up in cold sweat. I had a dream that my teeth were falling out. All of them. one by one. I was toothless by the end of the dream. I stayed awake wondering what in the world the dream was about and shook it off thinking that it was just a random subconscious occurrence. As life would have it, the very next day, The Huffington Post answered my curiosity with this article explaining all about what your dreams really mean.  So the whole teeth falling out represents that I’m in a moment of transition in my life and the change is causing much anxiety. It is true to some extent, I’m in an in between period between graduating from university and to figuring out ‘what’s next??’ for my life sort of change. There’s a lot of uncertainty looming in the air and honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to …