8 things you can do that will definitely lift your mood!, Live Well

8 things you can do that will definitely lift your mood!


I had a scary dream the other day. It’s rare that I get nightmares, but this dream did it for me and made me wake up in cold sweat.

I had a dream that my teeth were falling out. All of them. one by one. I was toothless by the end of the dream. I stayed awake wondering what in the world the dream was about and shook it off thinking that it was just a random subconscious occurrence. As life would have it, the very next day, The Huffington Post answered my curiosity with this article explaining all about what your dreams really mean. 

So the whole teeth falling out represents that I’m in a moment of transition in my life and the change is causing much anxiety. It is true to some extent, I’m in an in between period between graduating from university and to figuring out ‘what’s next??’ for my life sort of change.

There’s a lot of uncertainty looming in the air and honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to be doing when October rolls around. Even though I know that what Life will bring me is for  good, I can’t help feel the heaviness that comes with transition time.

It’s our thoughts that get the best (or worst) of us

My thoughts have been weighing down on me these days. They’ve been swirling around in the space of my mind; like random alphabet soup that just goes round and round. A bunch of unanswered questions that has no answers at this point.

Perhaps you’ve had days like these. Or maybe your mood has shifted a little  or when your mind seems to be occupied with never ending sentences… but can’t quite pinpoint what you’re thinking or miserable about. Your thoughts hit dead ends; like a ball bouncing off a tall black wall and the thud of the echo seems dull but loud enough that it reverberates through the mental spaces of your mind.

It’s not a nice feeling to feel, and when these things happen sometimes it’s not enough to just force yourself to ‘think positively’ and be in a good uplifting mood again. So, I decided to make a list on what we can do to lift our mood when we’re feeling down.


1. Go for an aimless walk

Have you ever walked with no end destination in mind? To simply walk and soak in the surroundings. Walking and getting some fresh air helps us get out of a mental space that’s keeping us down. Whenever I was feeling down, I made it a point to get out and walk to a nearby park and just spend some time there in the greenery.

8-things-you-can-do-that-will-definitely-lift-your-mood So, go on when you’re feeling frazzled, go for a walk outside and if you can, spend sometime in a place that’s filled with nature. Just wander about and fully be present. Even, take your shoes off and feel how the grass feels beneath your feet.  I promise, you’ll feel reconnected and uplifted in no time.

2. Do something with your hands

Preferably something that requires your full attention. My go to activity is baking because that keeps my hands occupied and transports me to a state where I’m just focused on the baking. Another activity could be painting, drawing, coloring Mandala patterns that Katie Dalebout over at her WellnessWonderland introduced me to. Doing something that will get you out of your mind and submerge you into another activity will help you snap out of the low mood that you’re in.


Bread Heaven at Borough Market!


3. Think of 3 things you’re grateful / happy for

I didn’t put this point first because when we’re already at the state of feeling heavy, it’s difficult to only ‘think’ ourselves out of it. Once we’re already doing an activity however, our minds are no longer in that space of rumination. When we feel down, our mind feels constricted.  So thinking of what we can be grateful for helps expand and widen our mind. It switches our focus from what ‘feels bad’ to the goodness in our lives.

So think of 3 things that you’re happy about. Be specific.

Here’s mine:

-I’m grateful for the food I have to eat that nourishes my body. and the chocolate I can have for dessert.

-I’m grateful to be able to write everyday and have the time to do the things I love.

-I’m grateful for this blog! For you, who reads my stories, tips, advice, or recipes! I’m immensely grateful for each and every one of you. I hope that every time you come to this blog you take away something positive and it lights up your day!

Make your own list and feel free to do more than just 3! Keep this in handy when you start feeling down so you can immediately switch to the positive.


I’m thankful for having tasted the best cupcake ever! This was a Raspberry Pistachio cupcake by Lola’s Cupcake. YUM.

4. Listen / watch something uplifting

Do you have a playlist that you listen to when you go jogging or your favorite music that can make you dance without having a care in the world?

My personal favorites is currently Justin Timberlake & Michael Jackson’s Love Never Felt So Good and Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

Or it could be playful tunes that make you feel uplifted and strong. Like Rachel Platten’s Fight Song.

If you have your favorite tunes to jam to, then this is the time to turn on that music and soak in the tunes. Plus points if you dance or sing-a-long with the song or exercise with the song! 😉 Moving your body can do wonders for your mood. All of those endorphins rushing to your brain!

What are your favorite tunes? Share with me in the comments below, I would love to discover new tunes to add to my playlist!


If you’re not the musical type, watching your favorite movie or tv series can also lift your mood. I recently watched Finding Nemo and inspired me to write this post on 10 Wise Truths You Can Learn From Finding Nemo. Head on over and give it a read, it might make you smile!



I also love watching Friends. No matter how many times I re-watch it, they never fail to make me crack up. More recently, is New Girl. I think the humour in New Girl is very cleverly written, plus there’s a variety of characters in there to relate to! Do you have a favorite comedy tv series?


5. Read something uplifting

I’m forever a bookworm. So, I’m always in the lookout for books that are a good read (I have a personal preference for fantasy books) and self-help books that can teach me something. Reading can do wonders in helping you get out of a moody mood.

I’m currently reading C S Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew. There’s just something about reading a fantasy novel that takes you out of your world and transports you into a world brimming of possibilities…

I’m also about to delve into reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist as recommended by a super sweet blog reader Berta. Check out her own blog here!


If you’re not in the mood for delving in a novel, I also have a list of ultimate Feel Good Blogs that you can hop over and read! Whenever I’m in need of some lifting up, these are the blogs that I always go to:

-Robyn Coale over at The Real Life RD

Robyn’s blog was the one I religiously read when I was recovering from depression and anorexia. Robyn keeps it real and I love how she intertwines her life experiences with what she’s learning about life, body image, food, God, and exercise. She talks a lot about listening to your body, eating more (not less) and helped me get in touch with my own intuitively!  Plus she’s a nut butter, dark chocolate, coffee, green juice lover!

-Cassandra Bodzak over at CassandraBodzak.com

I love Cassandra’s blog! Cassandra is also my mentor and I’m learning a whole lot from her. She has a super down to earth personality and she talks about how to create a life that LIGHTS you up (doesn’t hearing that already lift your mood?), self-love and eating foods that nourish you from the inside out. I love her Miracle Mornings, which are lessons from A Course in Miracles that she’s been putting up on Youtube and also doing daily on Periscope. If you have Periscope, add @CassandraBodzak on their and get your mornings started with her!

-Dr. Danielle Dowling over at Danielle-Dowling.com

I love LOVE Dr. Danielle’s writing and the way she writes. She talks a lot about connecting with your inner power, busting through fear, and connecting and living your purpose. Whenever I feel a tad lost and need some empowerment, I head to her blog. Just listen to this:

‘Beautiful Soul,
You’ve helped more than you know.
You’ve done so much better than you realize

remind you
of life’s pure magic.
Of how powerful you are
and how far you can and have reached.

-Marc & Angel Hack Life over at marcandangel.com

Marc & Angel are self-help gurus. Whenever I need some straight-forward advice about happiness, productivity, decreasing stress, spirituality, I go over to Marc & Angel. They can talk about some of the most complex things in a very simple and digestible manner. Plus I love the stories they put at the beginning of each post!

-Katie Dalebout over at thewellnesswonderland.com

Katie is such a sweetheart. I love listening to her podcasts! I go over to her blog when I need a bit of sparkle and a good dose of heart-felt advice on how to live a life that feels good and true to you that’s brimming with bliss. Even just hanging out on her Wellness Wonderland feels good already!

Those are my list of go to uplifting reads. Do you have your own? What are those? Share with me in the comments below! I would love to know!

6. Take a day off or two

Sometimes, when we have been caught up in a routine for too long, we might start feeling down or not motivated. Routines can help put structure to our day, but it can also dampen our mood when we don’t break out of our routine from time to time and put in some variety! Read all about that in this post here.

If you can, take a day off your usual routine, and really tune into yourself. What are you craving for? What is your soul wanting the most for you? Is it just a day to kick your feet up and relax? Think bubble baths, your favorite novel / movie, and chocolates. Or are you feeling more adventurous and want to plan a short trip to just get away?


You don’t have to whisk yourself away to Hogwarts. But just in case, here’s a ticket for ya!

8-things-you-can-do-that-will-definitely-lift-your-mood 8-things-you-can-do-that-will-definitely-lift-your-mood

I used to feel really guilty from taking time off since I felt the need to be ‘constantly working.’ But I’m learning to let that go since our health and mood is first to be taken care of. In order for us to put out good work into the world, we need to feel our best when we are doing it. So, if you feel any guilt creeping up about taking that day off, I’m giving you the permission to let that feeling go!

7. Call up a friend and meet up

Do you have a close friend that you can talk about anything to? Or someone that can lift you up when you’re feeling down? It’s always good to have this person on speed dial.

I’m the type of person that tends to keep problems swirling around in my head. I’ve been learning lately that this is not good since things tend to exemplify when it’s just kept in my head. If you’re like me, then call up your good friend or someone you can talk to, and schedule a coffee date! I promise, talking things out will lighten your mood 🙂

8. Give someone a helping hand

The best way to feel better and get out out of your low mood is to lend someone a helping hand. When you offer someone else to help them, it gets you out of your head and focus your energy into doing something positive! Don’t set up camp in your low mood, instead ask yourself who you can lend a helping hand. You’ll brighten their day up and in doing so, you’ll feel better too 🙂


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Have a wonderful week ahead!! Remember, to eat your greens, but you can have your favorite treats too!

8-things-you-can-do-that-will-definitely-lift-your-mood 8-things-you-can-do-that-will-definitely-lift-your-mood 8-things-you-can-do-that-will-definitely-lift-your-mood


Much love,





  1. Berta.karaim@gmail.com'

    Such a great post, Gaby! And thank you very much for the mention too!! It means a lot to me 🙂
    I love all of the tips you share and even though I’ve followed some of them in the past, I definetely benefited from the reminder 😉
    I hope your week has been going well, that job searching is not wearing you out too much and that you’re enjoying “The Alchemist”! x

    • Berta.karaim@gmail.com'

      P.S. Your posts on overcoming depression and an eating disorder are the most helpful I’ve read and I’ve been meaning to ask you for some time if it would be possible for you to please write a post on how you overcame the fear of gaining weight, as well as the whirlwind of emotions that comes with a change in one’s body. I completely understand if it’s too personal, or if there’s any other reason why would prefer not to discuss this topic 🙂

      • Thank you Berta! I’m so glad they’ve helped you! Yes, I will definitely write a post on that topic, I’ve started a draft on the topic, it’s just I haven’t had time to sit down and finish it. I’m in the middle of moving back home- to Indonesia (I’ll be in the same side of the world as you!), and other projects. I’ll be sure to finish it once I’m settled down! <3

        • Berta.karaim@gmail.com'

          That sounds great! I’m looking forward to reading the post, whenever you finish it 🙂
          Good luck with your move back!! <3
          P.S. Maybe if you're on the same side of the world, you'll visit Australia one day 😉

    • I’m enjoying The Alchemist so so much!! I’ve been reading them before I go to bed, it’s such a beautiful book! Thank you for the recommendation! <3

      • Berta.karaim@gmail.com'

        Oh I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!! It always makes me so happy when someone enjoys the same books (or films or music) as me!

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