A Simple Trick to Calm your Mind, Live Well

A Simple Trick to Calm Your Mind…


I’m going to share a little trick today that I learned throughout this exam period that helped me keep my stress levels down and actually enjoy studying. It also applies to living life in general, because once you begin asking this one question to yourself, it will immediately help bring your mind to focus on the present moment and tackle it confidently.

I learned that what causes much of the stress in our life is that we spend too much time thinking, looking forward, and trying to predict the future. When I was studying, I spent a lot of time trying to predict what questions will come out and thinking about whether I could actually  answer or get through the actual exam. This caused considerable stress and worry because there was no certainty what questions will come out and the thought of this paralyzed me to the core and I began getting visions of me blanking out in the exam room and not being able to write.

But then one afternoon, it dawned on me that there is no need to spend worrying or thinking too much about what’s to come. Because when you really see it, like I mean really see it, we have all that we need to get through this exact moment that we are in.

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Shift your mind to be at ease…


So whenever I found my mind slipping away and taking a ride of its own into the unknown future, I pulled it back and asked myself this one question: do I have the skills / materials to get through the moment that I am in right now? The good thing about that question is that the answer will always be yes. Like when I was studying for an exam that was a few days away, that exam will be in the future. But when I asked myself, do I have the skills / materials to get through studying for the exam at this moment? The answer was yes, because I had the books, the pens, the sticky notes, the lecture notes, and everything else I needed to study and memorize for that moment. There was no need to worry about the exam, because when I focused on studying and it came time for the exam and asked myself the same question: do I have the skills to do the exam? The answer would again be yes.

This one question works for any scenario. Like when we can’t seem to fall asleep (and our minds seem to be crowded with thoughts) we can again ask the question: do I have the stuff to help me sleep? (comfy pajamas, a bed, blanket, maybe a cute fluffy stuffed animal…) the answer would be a yes. Asking ourselves the question brings us back to the present moment and gives us the confidence to tackle the moment fully. It’s when we begin ruminating about the future (15 minutes later, 2 hours later, a few days later, a year later…) that we begin worrying and becoming stressed out. The truth is, in the present, we will not have the capacity to get through something that’s coming in a few days, because that’s in a few days time. But the good news is, when the time comes, we will be able to get through it because that’s the moment that life has prepared us for. Our only duty is to be responsible to the moment that we have right now.

Our only duty is to be responsible to the moment that we have right now. Click To Tweet

Life is really simple when we handle it moment by moment. We always have everything that we need to get through the present moment. It’s when we spend too much time thinking about the future that life seems complicated or hard.

I hope this one tip helps ease any stress that you might be feeling / going through and gives you a confidence boost! Life is really working for us, each and every moment we learn something and the more we stay present, the more we notice life’s blessings. So take a moment to smile! because life is working out just as it should be.