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3 ways to manage the uncertainties of life

Oh this Uncertain life I write this in the wee hours of the morning; cross legged, with an endearing cup of coffee in my hand. I have been unable to peacefully sleep in the past few days, unsure of what exactly. Ever since finishing my final exam on Friday May 8th, a new rhythm that feels quite weighty has come across me. It’s unpleasant this new rhythm, my mind struggles to stay in the present, always bewildering here and there; to nowhere. I thought that I would be quite glad with this new found freedom of sorts. Free from not having to go to lectures, to not have to read any more academic papers, digest pieces of academic literature; and write essays. I now finally have time to actually do what I really wanted to do; which is to focus on my writing, learn more about food photography and bake more tasty healthy treats.  In comparison to what I was supposed to do. –now that’s a whole other blog topic to come which I would …