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Almond Butter Maple Granola Bars + Faith and Miracles

Hi Friends! Today, I have a miraculous story to share with you! It might just be my most powerful post yet, because the story is also accompanied with these Almond Butter Maple Granola Bars! Yay! If you follow me on the Wellness to Go Facebook page, you may have noticed on Saturday night that I posted about having clumsily spilled water onto my mac laptop and how it immediately shut down. My laptop, that had all of my work, and files, and photos, on it had died. After recovering from the shock and tears and the panic of wiping my laptop as dry as I could, I tried reviving it but it wouldn’t turn on. Little did I know that this event held a spiritual lesson for me to learn within the next few days. So the next day, I took my laptop to the technician, and he opened the cover of the bottom of my laptop and told me to leave it open and standing to dry near a heater over the weekend. He …