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Be Fre(ed) III: 3 Steps to Turning your Anxiety to Excitement!

One of the things I had to overcome during my recovery was to face my anxiety and fear of gaining weight. To get back to my healthy weight, I had to gain 20 kg / 45 pounds to be back at 55 kg / 121 pounds, which was the weight my body was comfortable and healthy at. Gaining 20 kg was scary, but I learned how to overcome my fearful and anxious thoughts about it. I was anxious and fearful because I had been living with Ana for 2 years. Ana was familiar, safe, and I felt secure and in control when I was with her. But I had to let Ana go to get my life back. Even though recovery was one of the scariest journey I ever took, recovering from my eating disorder was one of the most rewarding things I gained. Like embarking on any journey of anything new and unfamiliar, there will be feelings of anxiety and fear. But these feelings will go away. Trust me when I say that recovery, …