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There’s magic within you + Vegan Apple Gallete

Happy weekending friends! Today I have a poem for you and a beautiful rustic vegan apple gallete. I have had trouble stringing coherent sentences these days amidst job applications. It takes a very long time to fill one job application and to my dismay, I haven’t heard back from any. It’s not a good feeling and it makes me feel like I’ve lost hope. But I guess with these things you have to throw your nets as far as possible and hope that one catches. One afternoon I simply couldn’t fill out an application any longer and decided to bake. I’m glad I made the choice because this apple gallete has the tartness of the apples combined with the buttery soft sweet pastry as the crust. and I love the crust. Whenever I eat a cheesecake, I always always eat the crust last, because it is the best part of the cake! The childlike nature in me refuses to lose hope in this job hunting season. Perhaps it’s something else that you’ve been working on …