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How to make time EXPAND + Belgium trip

As many of you know that I’ve been away to Europe for the past few weeks, traveling to Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. Today I’m going to be sharing photos from Belgium throughout this post and tips on how to make time E    X   P   A    N   D  for you! so that you can have more time to breathe… 🙂 feel good? I have been struggling with time lately, and feel that it’s running out. It made me reflect, and I came to some shifts in perspective in how we can change our thinking about time. Because we do have enough time for whatever it is we want to do.   Time is a funny thing. We seem to always more of time, yet we are never satisfied. We want more time to sleep. More time to enjoy with our loved ones. More time to write. More time to be on vacation… I love going away on trips, especially to a new place. As I was going through …