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Be Fre(ed) II: Let’s Cultivate Self-Love!

  If you missed the first post in this Break Fre(ed) to Live the Life You Want series, click here where I give the 7 Motivational Milestones you will gain from going through a recovery. I promise, no matter how difficult it may seem, having the courage to go through a recovery will be worth it.   In this second post, I will be talking on how to love ourselves more.     I will be talking on: 1. The reasons why our hearts might be ‘empty’ -Why we tend to ‘feel guilty’ in taking care of ourselves 2. Why it’s essential to fill our hearts with love 3. Fun ideas to give yourself LOVE!   This self-love thing might seem strange to you. Because it did to me in the beginning of my recovery journey.   Up until then, I only knew that we were supposed to: -Love others -Care for others -Treat others kindly -To not disappoint others -Be nice to one another   This was what I was taught growing up and …