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Simple Swedish Chocolate Cake Kladdkaka

Hi everyone! i hope you guys are having a relaxing weekend. Today I have this simple most delicious Swedish Chocolate Cake for you. There’s a story behind this Chocolate Mud Cake. I must say it was the highlight of my otherwise quite stressful study period. So, I was taking a study break and was walking to one of my favorite cafes in Edinburgh called Peter’s Yard. and right sitting on top of their counter was this Chocolate Mud Cake dusted with a light coating of icing sugar. Without even thinking anymore, I immediately bought a slice and the moment i bit into it ….. *(get ready for theatrical descriptions of chocolate cake)* I was greeted with taste sensation of layer and layers of smooth indulgence. First there was the bitter-sweet chocolate. I literally mean bitter then sweet, because it was the bitter dark intense chocolate that hit first, and it finished with light sweetness enveloped with smooth vanilla tones. I bit into it again and this time i could taste some espresso flavour in the …