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The question to help you find your Life’s PURPOSE

When I was baking these Cinamon Sugar Jelly Filled Rolls and playing around with the three kinds of toppings: cinamon sugar, pink sprinkles and raspberry jam. Writing the toppings somehow reminds me to insert a nostalgic line of, ‘sugar spice and everything nice,’ the Powerpuff girls quote. Has anyone watched these series when they were a kid? I think the cartoon series creatively shows how each of us has a unique set of talents. Reminiscing back to one of my nostalgic childhood Powerpuff girls series made me think of how each of us is really is unique. But we lose touch with that realisation and at times may get caught up of how we can fit in, instead of embracing our true authentic self. We all have our own eccentricities, interests, gifts, and no two of our experiences are the same. I was raised in a culture where I was taught that in order to succeed in life, we must look a certain way, act a certain way, and have a degree in either numbers …