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Traveling Teaches Us to Be Present

I did something that was very unlike me just this past Thursday. Whenever I’m about to make a decision or go do something that’s quite big, I tend to mull over the possibilities over for days on end. Weighing up the pros & cons and literally analyzing whether my heart and head is in it or not. Many of you know that I’m currently living in Edinburgh and finished my final exams just this 8 May. Ever since that day, I have been spending my days working on this blog, baking, writing photographing… I enjoy it so much that the routine of it has become second nature. But for some reason, there was a part of me that felt stagnant; I felt  I was craving for some adventure, some unpredictability, something new to learn…. So, I booked a flight to go to London for 2 days. No questions asked. The spontaneity of it really surprised me. I literally booked it the night before I left the next morning, packed a small suitcase and went. I …

I started a bloglovin’ account! :)

Hey guys! I just opened up a Bloglovin’ account! 🙂 I’m just posting the code below to claim my blog and open up the account. <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Hope to see you and connect with you on BlogLovin’ Much love, Gaby