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Vegan Coffee Cake + Routines… are meant to be broken!

Hi Friends! I HAVE A CAKE FOR YOU and a very special announcement to make!! Stay tuned until the end of the post! It’s so good to be back! I’ve been away to traveling to Europe with my friends and then my mom for the past few weeks that it’s… so so so good to be back on land, in my kitchen, on my couch writing my heart out. 🙂 Traveling has its benefits, it can teach you a lot of things.  But from spending high up on the hills of Cinque Terre overlooking the vast blue ocean to climbing a hill to catch Florence at sunset the next day, got me exhausted and craving my bed. There was also a part of me that was craving routine. When traveling, you lose yourself in the constant change of moments, of places, food, time, people, language. As exciting it was, I couldn’t wait to be back at home, to be able to predict what goes on in my day, to know what I was going to …