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Vegan mini Banana Bread + it’s not about self improvement

Happy Weekending Friends! I love bananas, i think sometimes I go bananas over them 😉 I don’t like the green ones though, they taste rather tart. I love super spotted bananas though. They’re sweet, delectable, and very versatile- you can freeze them to make creamy smoothies, eat them as a snack, slather some almond butter chocolate chips on them, and bake banana bread with them. After the success of my Super Energising Banana Bread, I wanted to experiment and create a vegan one. So today, I have these Vegan mini Banana Breads for you guys!   But first, I’ve also been reflecting lately. on life. and how we go about it. For much of my life I’ve let my insecurities get the better of me. Perhaps I’m not alone in this, because I think we all have our moments of self doubts. After going through my recovery from anorexia and depression, then uprooting and going behind why I’ve always felt ‘not good enough’, I’ve realised that I can get caught up in searching for continual …