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How to make time EXPAND + Belgium trip


As many of you know that I’ve been away to Europe for the past few weeks, traveling to Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. Today I’m going to be sharing photos from Belgium throughout this post and tips on how to make time E    X   P   A    N   D  for you!

so that you can have more time to breathe… 🙂 feel good?

I have been struggling with time lately, and feel that it’s running out. It made me reflect, and I came to some shifts in perspective in how we can change our thinking about time. Because we do have enough time for whatever it is we want to do.


Time is a funny thing.

We seem to always more of time, yet we are never satisfied.

We want more time to sleep. More time to enjoy with our loved ones. More time to write. More time to be on vacation…

I love going away on trips, especially to a new place. As I was going through the photos I took whilst I was in Belgium, I remember not thinking about time when I was there, because I was fully immersed in this new wonderful experience, and wanting to get my hands on all the waffles I can… I went to Brugge, which is such a colorful cute vibrant story-book like city (must visit!) and Brussels.

how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip Going on the river cruise is a must in Brugge! You can see the city from the water, which is lovely!


how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip

Have you ever felt the feeling of not wanting to come back home from a trip? Like, ‘Where in the world did time go? It felt like just yesterday that we were boarding the plane…’

Have you ever wondered my food tastes better when you’re eating outside in a restaurant? Or when you’re watching your favorite TV series or a movie, it doesn’t feel like 2 hours by the time you see the credits rolling and sit there feeling, ‘I just watched the greatest movie ever!!’

It’s only when we are thinking of time that we feel we need more of it.

Time, in its dexterity, will sweep us away. It’s so loyal to us, that even when we don’t want it to exist, it will always be there ticking away. We struggle with it, scared that it’s going to run out, when it fact, it’s not that we need more of time, it’s that time needs more of us.

What do I mean by that? How do we give ourselves to time?

how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip


How to make time  E    X    P     A     N     D   for you

When we are able to give ourselves fully to the moment that we are in, that is when time expands for us.

It’s when we are able to fully focus chopping those onions (perhaps with a slight tear in our eyes) and mushrooms, and humming a soft tune to ourselves…

It’s when we can look fully to the eyes of the person sitting in front of us and feel their story…

It’s when we can eat and only think about chewing the food from our plates, without having to think about the next thing we have to do on our list.

It’s when we can fully surrender to time, trust that our only duty is to take care of this very moment that we are in that we can find ourselves to be at peace with time.

We don’t need more time. It’s time that needs more of us.


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Thanks to Tashia for taking these photos below of me eating ice cream and holding a box of chocolates so happily. Belgian chocolates are the best. 
how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip
When we feel pressured by time, it’s only because we are putting pressure on time.

It’s when we want things to be a certain way, for things to happen at a certain point in time, that we feel that we are running out of time.

We want our dreams to materialize as quickly as possible, so that we think that we are not doing enough. When in reality, we are exactly where we need to be. Time is so kind to us, that it provides us with time to hone our craft, to grow, to make mistakes, to laugh at ourselves, and have the courage to do it again. And again. Nothing ever happens as the way we expect it to be. In time, it always materializes beyond our expectations because the limits of our human mind fails to grasp at the goodness that Life actually has in store of us.

We want to achieve the body that we want as soon as possible. So we grow frustrated when the scale is not moving down as quickly as we want it to be. Yet we intuitively know that our bodies are smart and not scale dependent, so it’ll be at the weight that it feels healthy at.

Time is never chasing us. We are the ones chasing it, huffing and puffing, and catching our breaths; when the most simplest thing we can do is to just walk beside it.

how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip   how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip When you find yourself feeling like your running out of time or do not have enough time,


Remember that you have all the time you need in this world. Time is not pressuring you.

Find the things that you love to do where you don’t think of time.

Give yourself away to these moments. These blissful moments in time.

Use time well. Don’t give away your time in doing things that don’t light you up.


how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip


Trust that time is on your side. I promise you that it is.

I’m writing a handy dandy guide in how to Live Your Purpose NOW. There’s a section on how to get rid of things in your life that don’t feel good to you and how to create space  +  time for the things that you do want to come into your life.

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how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip how-to-make-time-expand-belgium-trip

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these photos from my trip to Belgium!


Much love, and have an enjoyable weekend!



    Berta says

    Thank you for this wonderful post! I definetely needed this reminder today – lately I’ve been thinking too much about what the future has in store for me, rather than enjoying spending time with my friends during the last few months of high school 😉
    You look so happy in these photos; it looks like you had an amazing time!! 🙂

    • Hi Berta!! I did have an amazing time, Belgium was so lovely. I’m glad the post was helpful! yes please, enjoy your time with your friends! High School friends are special 🙂

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