It's meaning that you want in life, Live Well

It’s not a career, money that you really want; but meaning.


At times, we have a preconceived idea of what our life is supposed to be like. We plan out our days. Our weeks. Our months. Our years… We visualise what our ideal life would be like.

We have an agenda. We have a plan. We set goals. Sometimes we even get caught up in the details of what our schedule should look like.

But sometimes, we don’t stop and reflect where do the ideas of what we think our life should be come from. When we say, we want to have such and such a career, make this much money, live in this place, where do these aspirations come from? Do we want such things because we think that having these things will make us happy? (what is happiness?) Or maybe these preconceived ideas have been fed into our minds by someone else (our parents? culture? society?) and that we’ve believed them for so long, that we don’t know who we are or what our life means is outside of these preconceived ideas.

Yes. meaning.

More and more I don’t think what we really want is to chase after more things. Because, even if we have all the things we have on our list, our happiness or satisfaction only lasts momentarily. We are then again caught up to want further more things. What happens if we don’t achieve the things that we want? What we often do not take into account is that life does not happen solely according to our desires. I think that’s a good thing. We often plan things according to our time, but our time is not our time. We get disappointed when things don’t happen in the time or in the way we want them to. In this disappointment, we forget that our life involves, surrounds, includes, other people. It is this awareness that we need to be more aware of.

The awareness that time is shared. Everyone is living not in their own space of time, but we are living in time that is shared.

It is not my time. but our time. God’s divine time and purpose includes everyone.

Maybe the thing that we want to happen did not happen because another person is not ready to receive it. Perhaps that other person still needs time in their life in order to be able to receive the gift that you want to give.

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What we are really after is perhaps meaning in our lives. Without this sense of meaning, we may feel lost, out of alignment, disconnected. I think there’s a deep connection between feeling happy and feeling fulfilled. When we are fulfilled, we are not chasing after things. We are fully immersed in the present moment. We are showing up fully in whatever is happening at that time. We have all that we want at that present moment. The present moment satisfies us fully.

I think that’s how life should feel like at every moment. Like when we were kids. As children, when we want to play, we simply play. When we want to eat, we eat. We don’t think of the consequences of what will happen after we play. We do not preoccupy our minds with what we are going to do in a few hours time. Or the next day. Kids find joy in the present moment. If they cry, they cry, but then they let it go soon after and forget about it.

How do we find a meaningful, fulfilled life then? I think paying attention to what makes us happy is vital. I don’t mean things that gives us that sense of giddiness or ecstatic, but happiness in a sense that fills us up, something inside of us that is connected to what we are doing.

Keeping in mind with the concept that our time is shared, I think what makes us fulfilled involves other people. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? The fulfillment that we find when we do the things that makes us happy, also benefits others.

The fulfillment that we find when we do the things that makes us happy, also benefits others. Click To Tweet

When we embrace the present moment, without imposing our ideals of what it is supposed to be like; we are more free and less caught up when we meet a road block, a disappointment. Because we understand that it is not the right time for it to happen, we need to have faith, that life will unfold as is. Our life is shared. Our time is shared. Perhaps it’s time to let go of the life that we think we should be chasing after, embrace the moments that comes and show up fully.