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Pecan Caramel Choco Shortbread Bars + It’s okay to not be Superhuman

Hi Friends! Oh how I missed you guys! I’m sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks. But, as most of you might know, I just got back from a trip from Belgium and Italy just this week! The trip was incredible! There was so much walking, so many sights to see in such a short time, ate the most incredible waffles, dark chocolate, pasta, Tiramisu, and more cakes, and gelato and chocolate… Climbed up over 1000+++ stairs to see the city views of Brugge, Cinque Terre, Florence… that it was quite an adventure. I came back to Edinburgh feeling as if I had left my legs somewhere in Italy and not really being able to believe that just a few hours before that I was standing at the heart of the Vatican City. There will be a post telling the story of my adventure and all the foodie goodness and lessons I learned from the trip in the next post. Today I’m going to be sharing a very easy peasy snack …


London + The cure to your food fears? Travel!

Hi Beautiful Friends! Last Sunday I wrote a post about how Traveling teaches us to be present.   I took a spontaneous short trip to London alone, visited markets, talked to strangers, made friends, ate waffles, and became amazed how beautiful bread can be…. 😉 You can read all about it and the spiritual lessons I learned including all of the foodie bread, waffles, GIANT COOKIES photos in this post. In today’s post I wanted to talk about how traveling can help overcome our food and body struggles. I went through a dark period about 2 years food and body wise where I embarked on a journey to recover from anorexia and depression. One of the motivations behind writing this blog was to share all the lessons I learned throughout my journey. The words that I wanted to hear when I was going through such a dark period was to know that there would be a light or lesson in going through this difficult period. The glimmer of light and lessons I learned along the way …


Part III: How to feel good living in your body (More of Gaby, Less of Ana)

Today’s post is the last installment in the is 3-part series of my story of how I fell into my disordered eating, my experiences with Ana, and how my journey of recovery.   If you missed the previous two posts: feel free to catch up on the links below: Part I: How I Met Ana Part II: How Ana Took Over   Today’s Part III post is focused on giving you a few tips on how to truly live in your body and feel good in doing it! Based on my experience with my eating disorder, much of it had taken up place in my mind, that I was no longer sensing / denying how my body felt. Yet, our body’s intuitive signals can be a source of guidance for us to feeling our best, if we learn to listen to it.       On Recovery My recovery wasn’t one of those one step forward continuous uphill. On many of the days I felt beaten. There were days where I couldn’t discern which of …