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Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Bars! + Having Fun with Food

Hi my Lovelies! How are you this weekend? I dreamed up these Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Bars when I was walking around in my local supermarket store and walked by a bag of pretzels. I picked up the bag and couldn’t shake of the image of these pretzels swimming in dark chocolate heaven. Yum. Did you ever play with food? Sometimes I like to take a break and have a random wander around the supermarket. Have any of you ever done that? Especially, the snack section. It takes me back to my childhood memories, consolidated in aluminum wrapped wagon wheels marshmallows in the middle of 2 chocolate biscuits, swimming goldfish crackers, oreos, shortbread animal biscuits with pink lime green frosting, Pocky sticks… I remember I used to drink hot chocolate using a chocolate hazelnut cylinder shaped wafer as a straw and being (sort of) disappointed when the wafer would dissolve into the hot chocolate. Then, shortly after trying again slurping the hot cocoa with wafer straw. I would repeat this gleeful scenario until my mom …


Pecan Caramel Choco Shortbread Bars + It’s okay to not be Superhuman

Hi Friends! Oh how I missed you guys! I’m sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks. But, as most of you might know, I just got back from a trip from Belgium and Italy just this week! The trip was incredible! There was so much walking, so many sights to see in such a short time, ate the most incredible waffles, dark chocolate, pasta, Tiramisu, and more cakes, and gelato and chocolate… Climbed up over 1000+++ stairs to see the city views of Brugge, Cinque Terre, Florence… that it was quite an adventure. I came back to Edinburgh feeling as if I had left my legs somewhere in Italy and not really being able to believe that just a few hours before that I was standing at the heart of the Vatican City. There will be a post telling the story of my adventure and all the foodie goodness and lessons I learned from the trip in the next post. Today I’m going to be sharing a very easy peasy snack …


Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes made with Akesson’s Chocolate

Chocolate Divine In the post where I wrote how Traveling teaches us to be present, I mentioned about going to London’s Portobello Market. There was something of too much of a coincidence about that trip, that a big part of my soul is telling me that it was divinely planned. I met the amazingly talented Charlotte Reed, whose work, illustrations, and positive sayings I absolutely love and then I stumbled upon this chocolate store that just pulled me in. But not just any chocolate store though. It’s Akesson’s Chocolate.  Today I’m going to share a very special Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe using Akesson’s Chocolate. Ya’ll know how much I love chocolate. I like it dark, intense; and real. Next to coffee, chocolate is my must have every day treat. I went into the store and looked around. I have never been here, but something about the place and the air about it seemed familiar to my soul. Then I saw it. In the drawers of the cabinet that held a selection of Akesson’s Chocolate variety …