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Raspberry Muffins with Almond Butter Streusel + Finding Nemo

Hi Friends! How has your week been? My week has been a blur as of lately. Between searching for job openings, writing, writing for the blog, writing for Balanced Being, baking and photographing. It’s been quite a ride. No two days are the same. It’s exciting, I’m learning a whole lot. How to conquer your fear I recently wrote an article called 3 Steps to Flushing Out Your Fear for Natalie’s Balanced Being blog. I take you through these steps to conquering your fear and be able to do anything you want! I feel that we all have something that we are called to do; something that  we are intuitively pulled to. Yet, at times we may avoid doing it because we feel scared. We start thinking in our minds of the ‘What ifs?’ What if something horrible happens, what if this and that….  We don’t know for sure what will happen, but everything that we do in life is a learning experience and that’s good for us. Look out for that article, it should …


3 ways to manage the uncertainties of life

Oh this Uncertain life I write this in the wee hours of the morning; cross legged, with an endearing cup of coffee in my hand. I have been unable to peacefully sleep in the past few days, unsure of what exactly. Ever since finishing my final exam on Friday May 8th, a new rhythm that feels quite weighty has come across me. It’s unpleasant this new rhythm, my mind struggles to stay in the present, always bewildering here and there; to nowhere. I thought that I would be quite glad with this new found freedom of sorts. Free from not having to go to lectures, to not have to read any more academic papers, digest pieces of academic literature; and write essays. I now finally have time to actually do what I really wanted to do; which is to focus on my writing, learn more about food photography and bake more tasty healthy treats.  In comparison to what I was supposed to do. –now that’s a whole other blog topic to come which I would …


Be Fre(ed) III: 3 Steps to Turning your Anxiety to Excitement!

One of the things I had to overcome during my recovery was to face my anxiety and fear of gaining weight. To get back to my healthy weight, I had to gain 20 kg / 45 pounds to be back at 55 kg / 121 pounds, which was the weight my body was comfortable and healthy at. Gaining 20 kg was scary, but I learned how to overcome my fearful and anxious thoughts about it. I was anxious and fearful because I had been living with Ana for 2 years. Ana was familiar, safe, and I felt secure and in control when I was with her. But I had to let Ana go to get my life back. Even though recovery was one of the scariest journey I ever took, recovering from my eating disorder was one of the most rewarding things I gained. Like embarking on any journey of anything new and unfamiliar, there will be feelings of anxiety and fear. But these feelings will go away. Trust me when I say that recovery, …