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3 steps to getting what you really really want

Tell me your deepest desires…. Have you ever wanted something to come into your life? Like really really bad? One of the most well thought out quotes I’ve heard was by Regina Thomashauer (a.k.a. Mama Gena), who is founder of The School of Womanly Arts. She said in an interview with Marie Forleo*  that, ‘Desire is the connection to something greater than yourself.’ *Marie Forleo has a Youtube channel where she shares how to create a live that you love! Her videos are super helpful that is also funny to watch! When I heard that quote, it blew my mind away. Because that’s all that our desires are. It’s a feeling, a connection, to something that we want. Yet sometimes, we get into this overcomplicated relationship with our desires that we block ourselves from receiving it. Why we’re not getting what we want Have you ever said to yourself or perhaps in a conversation with your best buds, ‘I want to travel to a place that I’ve never been to before. Like to go to Paris, …


Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes made with Akesson’s Chocolate

Chocolate Divine In the post where I wrote how Traveling teaches us to be present, I mentioned about going to London’s Portobello Market. There was something of too much of a coincidence about that trip, that a big part of my soul is telling me that it was divinely planned. I met the amazingly talented Charlotte Reed, whose work, illustrations, and positive sayings I absolutely love and then I stumbled upon this chocolate store that just pulled me in. But not just any chocolate store though. It’s Akesson’s Chocolate.  Today I’m going to share a very special Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe using Akesson’s Chocolate. Ya’ll know how much I love chocolate. I like it dark, intense; and real. Next to coffee, chocolate is my must have every day treat. I went into the store and looked around. I have never been here, but something about the place and the air about it seemed familiar to my soul. Then I saw it. In the drawers of the cabinet that held a selection of Akesson’s Chocolate variety …


Traveling Teaches Us to Be Present

I did something that was very unlike me just this past Thursday. Whenever I’m about to make a decision or go do something that’s quite big, I tend to mull over the possibilities over for days on end. Weighing up the pros & cons and literally analyzing whether my heart and head is in it or not. Many of you know that I’m currently living in Edinburgh and finished my final exams just this 8 May. Ever since that day, I have been spending my days working on this blog, baking, writing photographing… I enjoy it so much that the routine of it has become second nature. But for some reason, there was a part of me that felt stagnant; I felt  I was craving for some adventure, some unpredictability, something new to learn…. So, I booked a flight to go to London for 2 days. No questions asked. The spontaneity of it really surprised me. I literally booked it the night before I left the next morning, packed a small suitcase and went. I …