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Vegan Coffee Cake + Routines… are meant to be broken!

Hi Friends! I HAVE A CAKE FOR YOU and a very special announcement to make!! Stay tuned until the end of the post! It’s so good to be back! I’ve been away to traveling to Europe with my friends and then my mom for the past few weeks that it’s… so so so good to be back on land, in my kitchen, on my couch writing my heart out. 🙂 Traveling has its benefits, it can teach you a lot of things.  But from spending high up on the hills of Cinque Terre overlooking the vast blue ocean to climbing a hill to catch Florence at sunset the next day, got me exhausted and craving my bed. There was also a part of me that was craving routine. When traveling, you lose yourself in the constant change of moments, of places, food, time, people, language. As exciting it was, I couldn’t wait to be back at home, to be able to predict what goes on in my day, to know what I was going to …


It’s not a career, money that you really want; but meaning.

At times, we have a preconceived idea of what our life is supposed to be like. We plan out our days. Our weeks. Our months. Our years… We visualise what our ideal life would be like. We have an agenda. We have a plan. We set goals. Sometimes we even get caught up in the details of what our schedule should look like. But sometimes, we don’t stop and reflect where do the ideas of what we think our life should be come from. When we say, we want to have such and such a career, make this much money, live in this place, where do these aspirations come from? Do we want such things because we think that having these things will make us happy? (what is happiness?) Or maybe these preconceived ideas have been fed into our minds by someone else (our parents? culture? society?) and that we’ve believed them for so long, that we don’t know who we are or what our life means is outside of these preconceived ideas. Yes. meaning. …


The question to help you find your Life’s PURPOSE

When I was baking these Cinamon Sugar Jelly Filled Rolls and playing around with the three kinds of toppings: cinamon sugar, pink sprinkles and raspberry jam. Writing the toppings somehow reminds me to insert a nostalgic line of, ‘sugar spice and everything nice,’ the Powerpuff girls quote. Has anyone watched these series when they were a kid? I think the cartoon series creatively shows how each of us has a unique set of talents. Reminiscing back to one of my nostalgic childhood Powerpuff girls series made me think of how each of us is really is unique. But we lose touch with that realisation and at times may get caught up of how we can fit in, instead of embracing our true authentic self. We all have our own eccentricities, interests, gifts, and no two of our experiences are the same. I was raised in a culture where I was taught that in order to succeed in life, we must look a certain way, act a certain way, and have a degree in either numbers …