Live Well, The question to help you find your life's purpose

The question to help you find your Life’s PURPOSE


When I was baking these Cinamon Sugar Jelly Filled Rolls and playing around with the three kinds of toppings: cinamon sugar, pink sprinkles and raspberry jam. Writing the toppings somehow reminds me to insert a nostalgic line of, ‘sugar spice and everything nice,’ the Powerpuff girls quote. Has anyone watched these series when they were a kid? I think the cartoon series creatively shows how each of us has a unique set of talents. Reminiscing back to one of my nostalgic childhood Powerpuff girls series made me think of how each of us is really is unique. But we lose touch with that realisation and at times may get caught up of how we can fit in, instead of embracing our true authentic self. We all have our own eccentricities, interests, gifts, and no two of our experiences are the same.

I was raised in a culture where I was taught that in order to succeed in life, we must look a certain way, act a certain way, and have a degree in either numbers or scientific related. It’s incredibly stressful to live within that mindset as it immediately states that oh if you do not fit a criteria that has been set by society, ‘you will never make it in life.’ I have heard those lines too many times in my life.

But through continued contemplation and reflective pondering over coffee, breakfast, and baking these rolls, I’ve come to believe that if we continue to give power to what society deems success to be (because what is success, really?) we will lose touch with our true selves and never come to realise the power of our uniqueness. We might then feel lost, deeply unsatisfied, and will continue to hear that voice that’s nudging us to pay attention to our soul callings. The one that says, ‘there must be more to life than just this.’

Deep down, you really do know what you like

What saddens me to the core is when I hear someone says, ‘I don’t know what I like,’ or ‘I don’t know what makes me happy.’ I was one of those persons around 2 years back. I had given so much power to my external surroundings in always doing the things I was ‘supposed’ to do, and instead of truly listening to what I liked doing naturally by choice. I continually felt out of alignment with myself, empty, miserable, and yet I was afraid that if i stopped giving the world power in telling me what I was supposed to do, I wouldn’t know what I would like to do. The connection with my own authentic self was severely severed that my identity was the world. One of the gifts that I learned through my recovery with anorexia and depression was that I had to relearn to trust and listen to my own authentic voice.

We came into this world naturally knowing what we like or don’t like. If we had an affinity with the colour red and round shapes, and always liked playing with those things, as kids we never questioned how playing with red and round shapes would look like to the outside world. Whether we would be accepted or not. We also had dreams, dreams of going to space, dreams of being a chocolatier, of being a professional dancer, or writing our own fantasy novels. It was rare that we would feel any fear. It was only as we grew up and started listening to what other people say to what we can or shouldn’t do by their own definitions of success that we come to doubt ourselves, fear creeps in, and we slowly give away our passions, our dreams, in exchange to be accepted, to be successful, secure, in what the world deems it to be.

And yet, what has come to my heart and mind lately is that I believe that there was a reason why each of us were created unique. The dreams that were placed in our hearts were placed there for a reason, and I believe that along with our natural abilities, talents, experiences that we are equipped to do the things that we came into this world for. There is no need to conform ourselves to be that we are not. Rebecca Campbell, author, spiritual teacher, and international motivation speaker says that,’If it is in your heart, it is a part of your path.’

Our purpose is at most simply to spread love

We have a responsibility and a it is part of our calling to bring forth what is in our heart. I really don’t think that God (The Universe, Divine, Higher Power, Our Creator) plays dice with who he created us to be. God is Love, and He created us in Love. Our most natural being is love. When we do activities that we naturally like, we are expressing our love, infusing our love into that activity. That is our gift to the world. To spread love. Our talents, our experiences become the vessel that we bring forth that love in. Hence, it may look in different forms (dance, writing, art, etc) but at the heart is the same. It’s one of the reasons that we can’t help but feel the passion behind someone’s voice or eyes that lit up when we hear they speak to what they truly care about. There is power in our authentic expression of love. In not only fulfills, energizes and makes us excited to wake up every day, but at the same time our expression of love brings betterment of the community surrounding us. Love heals, love connects, love makes us come alive, in love we are united.

Because at the end of the day, it is not about me or you. But about all of us. When you think about it, in our diversity, what we have struggled with or gone through, someone else out there will have gone through the same. We are in this together. Not separate or competing against one another as the world might say. We are here to connect, to collaborate, and build one another up in love. Our experiences is another person’s lesson. When we learn to trust our true voice, the voice that has been speaking to us ever since we were a kid and bring forth the love that is within us, we can touch others in their most deepest places. When we act from our truest place, usually the action concerns so much more other than ourselves. Love will motivate us to be of service. There is deep meaning and fulfillment in being able to contribute to a greater cause than ourselves.

the-question-to-ask-yourself-to-find-your-purpose-in-life Your purpose?

So perhaps when you are baking, or in your own quiet time, I encourage you to reflect how does your life resonate to your truest self. Are the things you are spending your time doing coming from your heart or are they only things that you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing? Really dig deep here because we might me doing things for the wrong reasons. We might be putting our effort into doing something because we know it will please another person, or win another person’s approval. We might be doing it because it ‘looks good’ or gives us a confidence boost in the world’s eyes. Instead of focusing only on ourselves, instead ask, what can I do to contribute an and make my surroundings a better place?

Another way of looking at it is does the activity drain or energizes you? There is no need in putting our efforts in doing things that do not resonate with our own hearts. It might be someone else’s mission to accomplish but not yours. We need to release the ego mentality that’s saying that we need to do ‘everything’ and be ‘everywhere.’ Since the more we do, the more accomplished we might seem. Yes, the world seems be a competitive place, but the journey that we will walk has already been laid out for us. The place that we need to be is where we are at, since it is here that life wants us to learn something before it can take us to another place. The more I think about it is how we do less, yet be laser focused, that the energy of internally knowing, ‘this is what I was created to do’ will propel us forth and achieve the greatest impact on our own terms. Success is not what the world says it is, it cannot be measured by material terms, it is not found in the external, rather it is found when we have the courage to act from our true selves.

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Do you have your own experiences in how you ‘find’ your life’s purpose? Share with me in the comments below, i would love to know!


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    Berta says

    You write so beautifully and clearly about the most confusing and difficult questions in life! Thank you for giving me some big ideas to consider as the time for making important decisions comes closer and closer 🙂

    • <3 <3 I find writing to be quite therapeutic. Especially when it's writing about something as delicate, powerful, and confusing at times as a topic regarding our life's purpose, i really strive to be clear because at the same time it allows me to thread along my thoughts and make clear of what I'm thinking about too. But, Thank you, I'm really glad that my writing is helping you :)

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