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Traveling Teaches Us to Be Present


I did something that was very unlike me just this past Thursday. Whenever I’m about to make a decision or go do something that’s quite big, I tend to mull over the possibilities over for days on end. Weighing up the pros & cons and literally analyzing whether my heart and head is in it or not.

Many of you know that I’m currently living in Edinburgh and finished my final exams just this 8 May. Ever since that day, I have been spending my days working on this blog, baking, writing photographing… I enjoy it so much that the routine of it has become second nature.

But for some reason, there was a part of me that felt stagnant; I felt  I was craving for some adventure, some unpredictability, something new to learn…. So, I booked a flight to go to London for 2 days. No questions asked. The spontaneity of it really surprised me. I literally booked it the night before I left the next morning, packed a small suitcase and went. I didn’t have any plans, no plans to see which parts of London, nothing like that.  I’ve been to London twice before for just a few days, but that was traveling with my mom and we had planned it for months before that. This time around, it was just me, traveling with no set agenda. It seemed really crazy, but something about it felt right to my soul. that I needed to go there.

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The short trip, as much fun as it was, held many spiritual lessons for me. Here are some of the things I learned and photos from the trip! Get ready for a lot of breads, cookies, waffles…


Traveling teaches us to be present

When we go someplace new, all of our senses are re-awakened. Our mind, bodies, and hearts are one. We soak in the sights we see because we are excited to be there. We also become present because we know that we are only spending a few days in this place and we want to make the most of it.

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present I was so excited to visit Borough Market. This is  MUST visit for anyone going to London. It’s a FOODIE HEAVEN PARADISE. There’s everything you can possibly ever want from cheese, to meats, to BREAD BREAD BREAD, freshly baked goods, juices, fish, truffles… all packed in one place.


Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present These VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE CUPCAKES is a must try.

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present

Handmade pastry is so good, it’s so light! I had the spinach and cheese one with fresh hummus. INCREDIBLE. Yowza.



Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present

Traveling helps us get in touch with our feelings / emotions

When we travel, we experience powerful emotions. There’s something about a new place that stirs our souls. This time around traveling in London was my first time trying to understand the Tube. I got so confused at first trying to work out the many colourful lines and figuring out which line goes to which part of London town. I experienced fear, fear of getting lost and overcoming it. I noticed when I would become overly worried… when I was hungry, when my legs were tired from all of the walking, when I wasn’t drinking enough. I also noticed when I felt happy, free, and safe. When we are at home, or in the course of our routine, we may lose touch or neglect our intuition / feelings. We suppress our hunger / sleep when there’s work to be done, we don’t stretch enough and make a dent on our couch from sitting too much and forgetting how our body feels, it’s rare that we ask how happy / excited we are to be able to live the life we are living. Traveling helps us get back in touch with those emotions and acknowledge that it’s okay to feel the way we feel and attend to it.

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I also didn’t plan where I would go exploring until the morning of the day. I started listening more to my intuition and only went to places that felt right and true for me. The way I decided which places to visit was how excited and curious I felt to visit the place. That way I knew that when I got there, I would enjoy and learn a lot from the place.


I visited Portobello Market

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present


Enjoyed some waffles…



HONEST burgers. How cool is that name?


I found this bread wonderland place at Gail’s Artisan Bakery in Portobello Market. Their baked goods and sandwiches are divine!

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present I almost felt like Portobello Market comes from a storybook with color coded, intricately designed cartoon like houses from another era…

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present

Traveling teaches us that other people are… just the same like us once we start talking to them.

London has so many different cultures packed in one place, it’s incredible to be able to see people from China, Middle East, Canada, America, Europe, India, etc just on a single tube platform. I talked to a lot of strangers on this trip. From asking directions to asking if I was on the right train, to making unexpected friends, to just smiling to people. I noticed that we’re not so different from one another.

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present I LOVE CHOCOLATE. I like my chocolate dark. and I had to go into this shop that was just calling out to me right next to the Notting Hill Bookstore. It turns out this Akesson’s Chocolate is the supplier of some chocolates that I had tasted and fell in love with a couple of years ago when I visited France. They supply to the chocolate artist Patrick Roger (his creations called Bon Bons are delectably amazing) and Chocolat Bonnat Chocolatier. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to taste them again outside of Paris and in Portobello I had found the supplier and their only store in the world. I’m going to be doing a Chocolate recipe inspired by Akesson’s soon, so stay tuned for that!

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present To top it off, I was able to meet Charlotte Reed, the author of May The Thoughts Be With You. Her book was and still is an inspiration to me when I was undergoing and recovering from clinical depression 2 years ago. Charlotte started thinking one positive thought a day as a way to recover from her own depression and eventually made a book about it. She is now a published author by Hay House and her journey and her book inspires me greatly. Her pictures are adorable, fun and colourful. Even more so, her positive sayings truthful, uplifts your soul and make you smile the moment you read them. It was such an incredible honor to be able to meet her and she signed her book for me too! <3

You can follow her on her Facebook page here, as well as on Twitter here. I promise, her quotes, and photos, and stories will add a positive highlight to your day!


We all have our experiences, interests, a lot of us are seeking direction to where our place in life is. We all experience, worry, fear, apprehension, troubles, bad days, good days. We sometimes say things we don’t mean when we are sleep deprived. We need food, we need company, friends, someone to talk to and share a cake & a cup of coffee with. The smallest acts of kindness can mean a lot, a smile can go a long way, a point in the right direction can save someone’s life… or help them come home. A lot of the people we meet are divine encounters, not random; specifically placed for us to help or learn from. We’re not so different after all, we’re here for one another, to teach, to support, to learn, to experience the many different facets of life.

Travelling-teaches-us-to-be-present I hope that these lessons I’ve learned in my short travel will benefit you as you go on your own adventures.

Now, it’s over to you, what lessons have you learned from travelling? Leave a comment below and I would love to connect with you! If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with your friends or family that loves to travel too!


Much love,







    Berta says

    Both of my parents love traveling, so most of my childhood weekends were spent on day trips, while the holidays were reserved for longer trips. For a long time, I didn’t truly value just how beneficial those experiences were for me.

    A few years ago I went on an overseas trip, back to where I grew up after living in Australia for a few years. After that trip, I had a much stronger sense of myself and knowledge of my place in the world – I knew that this is where I come from and that it will forever be a part of me, but that I am also incredibly fortunate to live where I live now.

    I’m looking forward to reading the second post that was inspired by your trip 🙂

    I hope you’re having a good weekend x

    • Me too! I never understood the purpose of traveling when I was younger. I thought that when my parents took me with them, it was always a hassle. I love traveling now, i think there’s something about seeing new places, people, languages that opens up our minds and broadens our perspective on living and understanding life. Where is it that you grew up Berta?

        Berta says

        You’ve said it perfectly about the purpose of travelling!

        I lived in the Czech Republic for the first eleven years of my life, but I was born in Belarus, which is where all of my family is from. Have you ever heard of either of those countries?

        • Oh wow! I have heard of the Czech Republic, but not Belarus until you mention about it now 🙂 I’m actually going to visit Prague for 2 days in about 1 in a half weeks time!! Do you have any recommendations on what to see and eat when over there?

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