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Aside from creating colourful breakfasts, brewing coffee and being a wellness wordsmith, I’m also a freelance writer and recipe developer. If you are interested in working or collaborating with me with the services below please contact me at for further enquiry and my fees.


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Write for you  

Do you have marvellous ideas, exciting thoughts that you need help crafting into engaging copy? Do you need help writing content for your website or blog but just don’t have the time to spare? Do you need a wellness / health / personal development writer for your website or magazine? If you love my writing style, I would be happy to freelance write for you!

Click on these links below to see examples of my previous work:


Balanced Being London: How to Flush Out Fear in 3 Steps

Health Bloggers Community: 3 Ways to Avoid Blogger-Burn Out and Stay Inspired


Sponsored Recipe development*

Do you have a food or drink product that is made from natural / organic / wholesome / unprocessed ingredients that you feel would meet the ethos of  Wellness to Go? I would be happy to develop an exclusive recipe using your product to share on my blog or your website. As a bonus, I would also take styled photos of the recipe featuring your product and share it across my social media platforms!

Check out these recipes that I have developed before for these brands:

Whole Earth Organic Peanut Butter: Pecan Caramel Choco Shortbread Bars

Akesson’s Chocolate: Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes


Product reviews*

I love discovering new products that support our health and well-being! Do you have a product that supports mind, body, soul wellness? Perhaps, a t-shirt line, a personal development book, stationary, snack bars, chocolate, granola that you’d love for me to share on my blog and on social media? I would love to write about them to share them with my audience.

Check out these previous posts that I have reviewed before:

Organic Burst: Magical Midnight Maca Chocolate Truffles, Super Energising Banana Bread

Sportswear by THINK:  Let’s Cultivate Self-Love


*Please note that I would only accept products that fits the ethos of Wellness to Go and that benefit my audience.

Collaborate with me!


Guest posting

Do you have a personal story that you’d like to share with my readers? I believe that through sharing our stories, we can help heal, motivate, inspire those that are going through the same experiences that you did. If you feel called to share about your personal journey and the lessons you learned, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


I look forward to working and collaborating with you!


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